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Designer Group


Founded in 1992, Designer Group has spent the past 30 years building a leading brand, now synonymous with our commitment to delivering ambitious, innovative and sustainable engineering solutions. We area trusted MEP partner for clients on an international scale, across Ireland, the UK, Europe, Africa and North America, servicing over 14 sectors, including data centres, life sciences, industrial, manufacturing, commercial, infrastructure and energy. It is our outstanding people, combined with the quality of our delivery, that has built our longstanding reputation in the industry.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the construction industry holds a significant position in shaping our built environment and driving economic growth. As one of the largest employers internationally, it plays an indispensable role in every economy.

However, the scale of operations in this industry also results in a substantial environmental impact. With construction accounting for over 40% of global emissions, it is crucial for players within the industry to step up and actively contribute to adopting more sustainable practices.

As an international engineering contractor, we bear responsibility andrecognise the urgent need to address these environmental challenges and take decisive action to mitigate our carbon footprint. Our business model is underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainability, which is integrated across all aspects of our operations, from procurement to project delivery.

Why a Partner?

Designer Group are at the forefront of the mechanical and electrical services industry and understand that the building industry must make significant changes to continue to grow sustainably so that our actions today do not affect the lives of those tomorrow. Therefore we have taken the decision to educate our workforce and our supply chain to and prepare for a better tomorrow.

Designer Group Case Studies:

ESG Report
In 2023 we have produced our first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards report, serving as a comprehensive overview of our sustainability commitments, actions, and progress to date. We are pleased to share within this document a summary of this report, and within these pages you will find valuable insights into how we are minimising our environmental impact, enhancing social wellbeing, and upholding robust governance practices.
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East African Biomass breweries
When our client wanted to realise fully renewable production at 5 of their African sites, we understood that the project was bigger than just providing a biomass structure to meet targets, it was also about integrating the facilities into the local area and supporting farmers who would supply their organic waste materials. It had to be a ‘bigger picture’ solution. Having committed to cut water usage and greenhouse gas emissions in half, our clients’ investment in addressing climate change is one of the biggest in the sub-Saharan and Designer Group were delighted to be a part of the journey.
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