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Enable Group


About Us...

Enable are a principal contractor creating solutions that make infrastructure possible.


Whether that be construction, engineering, design, resourcing, hire or welfare, we are dedicated to advancing better, safer, and more efficient railways, roads, power systems and utilities.

At Enable, we see the value of infrastructure from beginning to end, and the multiplicity of wealth this provides a community. Be those new employment opportunities, investment in skills and training, upholding the highest safety standards or innovating sustainability practices. We care about equipping communities with infrastructure for future generations to come that has been built by a diverse and inclusive workforce, creating a lasting legacy of value.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

With our industry accounting for nearly 40% of global energy consumption, the environmental and sustainability performance of construction firms must take priority. At Enable, we take a proactive approach to carbon reduction and incorporate sustainability into our Company Values.  

Our Environment & Sustainability team audit our business to identify areas for improvement and innovation to combat climate change and eventually reduce our impact to zero. This is reinforced by our department leads, ensuring all areas of the business are working in line with our Sustainable Business Plan and that it is implemented daily by our workforce.

Social Value is an integral part of Enable. We are dedicated to leaving a legacy to our communities, developing a workforce centred around local and diverse employment. Our commitment to investing in social value is fundamental to achieving our corporate social responsibility and is embedded within our key stakeholders, supply chain and partner relationships.  

Why a Partner?

In order to continue the development of our sustainability growth, we believe it is integral to form relationships that allow us to build further knowledge for change. The resources provided by the school are an industry standard we believe should be followed by all and becoming a member will allow us to collaborate with other businesses in the infrastructure sector to implement these standards across our industry. We want to promote and contribute towards the movement for significant change and learn how we can take a more sustainable approach in the delivery our projects.