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ENGIE is a leading energy and services company focused on three key activities: production and supply of energy, services and regeneration. Our 17,000 employees combine these capabilities for the benefit of individuals, businesses and communities throughout the UK & Ireland.

We enable customers to embrace a lower carbon, more efficient and increasingly digital world. Our customers benefit from our energy efficient and smart building solutions, the provision of effective and innovative services, the transformation of neighbourhoods through regeneration projects, and the supply of reliable, flexible and renewable energy.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

ENGIE has an established Responsible Business Charter and independent Scrutiny Board in the UK, further underlining the company’s commitment to operate to the highest economic, social and environmental standards whilst building Public Trust. The Charter provides the framework for our commitments around responsible supply chain management. It ensures transparency and accountability on critical issues including, speed of supplier payments, supply chain environmental performance, supply chain diversity and social value. The ISO 20400 drives the focus for our procurement strategy and how we engage with our supply chain.

Why a Partner?

ENGIE believes the school offers opportunity for collaboration and sharing of sustainable practice amongst its members. The school offers a wide range of training opportunities internally as well as for our supply chain (modern slavery, no life at risk, carbon, circular economy). The supply chain school provides a focus upon the key issues that companies and their supply chains need to prioritise.

“As a responsible business, procuring goods and services in a sustainable and ethical way is at the heart of our procurement strategy. Sustainability at ENGIE is driven through close collaboration with our supply chain, and through developing a deep understanding of the true capabilities and capacity of their businesses and objectives. Working in this way, we can drive sustainable solutions in to our bids and projects and deliver a smarter and more compelling solutions for our clients. Sustainability goes together with our drive for innovation in our service and product delivery. For ENGIE sustainable procurement is about differentiation and competitive advantage not just compliance.”
Jonathan Sims, Chief Procurement Officer - UK and Ireland