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Fusion Partitions


Fusion Partitions was founded in 2011 by two like minded people who agreed that our suppliers would be our partners. Just as we would be our customers’ partner. We believe that it is through true partnerships, earning each other’s respect, that real synergies are created.

Today, Fusion Partitions, with the support of its suppliers, customers, and employees, continues to stay true to its principles and doing business the right way.

Supply Chain and Sustainability

Fusion Partitions’ success has placed the company in the fortunate position to be able to support our local communities in many ways. The partner relationships with our supply chain are a key ingredient of our success and we will be taking them with us on our sustainability journey.

The continual training of our employees will feed into the business and help create our objectives and targets for sustainability.

Why a Partner?

Fusion Partitions’ continual focus on doing what’s right, in the right way, has manifested itself with the company becoming a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Our suppliers and customers are valued equally and given the respect and support that binds together a genuine partnership. The wellbeing of our employees and the desire to support our communities, are intrinsically ingrained within our culture.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School workshops and learning modules, will provide the assistance and education to continue to develop our business and our people in all areas of sustainability.