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Creating Sustainable Places

Grosvenor’s sustainability approach

Grosvenor is an international privately owned property business with a track record of over 340 years. Our aim is to develop, manage, and invest in property that enhance the wellbeing of the customers and communities we serve by promoting sustainability within the built environment.

We contribute to the sustainable growth of the places we operate through our thoughtful approach to design and high service quality standards

Our long-term outlook means we naturally think of our impact on future generations and seek to contribute towards the sustainable growth of the cities in which we are active. Grosvenor has a long history of stewardship, having looked after our London estate in Mayfair and Belgravia for over 300 years. We know that our success is linked to that of cities in which we invest. We also know cities are facing unprecedented challenges in the upcoming decades. Our approach to sustainability – the ‘Living cities’ element of our Group-wide strategy is governed by the idea that we use our expertise as stewards (asset managers) of existing property, as place-makers (developers) of new projects, and as fiduciaries (fund managers) of capital to create value in the cities we operate in.

Our People, Planet, Positive strategy launched in 2023, outlines our approach to sustainability on both social and environmental dimensions. Through seven key objectives, our aim is to create sustainable places where businesses, communities, and nature can thrive:

1. Zero Carbon: Achieve net zero by reducing our carbon emissions by 90% by 2040, aligned with SBTi
2. Zero Waste: By 2030, send zero non hazardous waste to landfills and embed circularity across our value chain
3. Valuing Nature: by 2030, increase biodiversity on managed green space by 20%
4. Transformative Partnerships: transform how we work with suppliers, occupiers, and investors

5. Community Wellbeing: increase wellbeing in our properties and places
6. Thriving Local Economies: enable thriving local economies, prioritising inclusive growth and championing business diversity
7. Maximise positive impact: support out people and partners and work together to have a greater impact in our places and sector

Supply Chain Learning

At Grosvenor, we are committed to improving the sustainability competency of our supply chain. Working with the School we have selected the following learning for our key suppliers and sub-contractors.