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Hercules Site Services


Sustainability is a collective responsibility.

For more information on Hercules Site Services please email [email protected]

Hercules Site Services was founded in 2008 and is now recognised nationally as a construction, utilities and civil engineering organisation which constantly strives for complete client satisfaction by delivering the highest standards.

Brusk Korkmaz founded the company and is now surrounded by a strong, experienced management team who share the same passion and values.

The continually expanding workforce spans the UK with projects completed using trained local individuals where available. Hercules Site Services continues to grow and establish its name within the industry. Our services include, civil engineering, utilities, labour supply, railways, groundworks and on-site health screening.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Hercules Site Services are committed to making a positive impact alongside our clients, partners and supply chain. We achieve this by using local suppliers, employing local people and continually investing in our workforce helping them to reach their full potential.

We strive for the highest standards without compromise and aim to be amongst market leaders taking the lead in sustainability initiatives making a more economic and sustainable future.


Why a Partner?

Hercules Site Services became a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School to tackle industry challenges along with our clients, work force and supply chain.

We believe sustainability is a collective responsibility and not something to be used to gain a competitive edge. By becoming a Partner, we will be able to work together to build a more sustainable future within our industry.