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Higgins Partnerships


About Us

For 60 years, Higgins has built a reputation as a trusted contractor and developer who delivers exemplar, award winning projects on time and on budget across London and the South East.  Working collaboratively and in partnership with clients, supply chain and design consultants, we deliver new build and refurbishment projects and creates mixed tenure sustainable developments that are inspiring, safe and secure.

People are what makes Higgins Partnerships the success it is today and our percentage of long-service employees reflects our commitment to our people. Success in the construction industry relies on qualities such as leadership and teamwork, assertiveness and flexibility, vision and versatility and commercial acumen. We help build these qualities and have built a reputation for being one of the leading employers in the construction industry. Our Investors in People status is testament to this, and we are committed to ensuring the next generation of contractors has the skills to build a profitable future for the UK construction industry.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Higgins are committed to building better, stronger, safer and more sustainable communities.

Our commitment for ESG is embedded into the business, and is aligned to our wider business plan and company values. The foundation of our policy is made on the following principles:

  • To incorporate ESG into all business decisions
  • To comply with and aim to exceed all relevant legislation and regulations
  • To measure and report our ESG performance with view to making continuous improvement
  • To reduce impact, and create positive outcomes on the people and environments in which we work

We focus on four core principles; People, Planet, Principles and Prosperity. These form our ESG Commitments and ensure we achieve safe, healthy communities where people want to live, work, play and learn.

Why a Partner?

We value the support and training workshops provided by the School along with, tailored self-assessment and action plans, bench-marking tools, networking opportunities and access to many useful online resources. As a business it aligns with our ESG strategy and Net Zero Carbon targets.