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Highways England


Highways England are the government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads.

Formerly the Highways Agency, we became a government company in April 2015. Our road network totals around 4,300 miles. While this represents only 2 per cent of all roads in England by length, these roads carry a third of all traffic by mileage and two thirds of all heavy goods traffic.
Our ambition is to ensure our roads are more dependable, durable and most importantly – are safe.

We work hard to make sure our road network is:

  • Safe and serviceable – where no-one should be harmed when travelling or working
  • Free flowing – where routine delays are infrequent, and journeys are reliable
  • Accessible and integrated – so people are free to choose their mode of transport and can move safely across and alongside our roads

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Our role is to operate and manage the strategic road network in the public interest in respect of both current activities and needs and in providing effective stewardship of the network’s long-term operation and integrity.

We are required, under the terms of our Licence to minimise the environmental impacts of operating, maintaining and improving the network and to seek to protect and enhance the quality of the surrounding environment, and to conform to the principles of sustainable development.

Why a Partner?

Our supply chain strategy sets out how we will work with Highways Suppliers to meet the challenge through the road investment strategy in terms of investment, performance improvement and transforming road user experience through operation of the strategic road network.

We will implement the supply chain strategy in 3 ways: developing capability, building relationships, and improving performance through specific value chain plans. These plans will shape future procurement activity.