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Building the world of tomorrow

Since its formation in 1873, HOCHTIEF has been delivering complex infrastructure projects internationally and within the UK, enhancing environments and pushing engineering boundaries. An industry leader in delivering major rail infrastructure projects, including high speed rail links and complex tunnelling contracts, HOCHTIEF has an impressive portfolio of projects successfully delivered in the most challenging and restricted of environments. Our collaborative approach and experience of planning, logistics and management enables us to achieve not only our client’s goals, but also the goals of their customers.

As one of the world’s most relevant building and infrastructure construction groups, HOCHTIEF acts on its responsibility toward society and the environment. Drawing on its expertise, HOCHTIEF will help to master the challenges modern societies face—now and in the future. Our activities as a global construction group have an impact on people and nature alike. We aim to manage this impact in order to maximize the benefits for society and the environment while keeping the burdens to a minimum. Being a Partner in the Supply Chain Sustainability School to work collaboratively with our supply chain will help us to achieve this goal.