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HS2: BIM Upskilling Platform

Raising knowledge of digital engineering across industry.

The HS2 BIM Upskilling Platform, hosted by the Supply Chain School, raises knowledge across industry and ensures a consistent message is delivered to HS2 Ltd.’s extensive supply chain and delivery partners, by providing a wide range of free to access e-learning courses and resources on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering.

This platform is an accessible source of upskilling materials on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering with specific focus on the Rail industry. It aims to provide engaging and innovative learning experience for all users, including self-service learning and assessment, HS2 specific e-learning, videos; links to industry standards and best -practice guidance documents.

Content on these pages is relevant whether you are new to BIM or already implementing BIM in your organisation. We will continue to update these pages, with more courses being added at regular intervals. We recommend that you revisit the site to view new and updated content as it becomes available.

BIM Upskilling Platform – E-Learning Modules

Asset Information Management System at HS2: How we define, collect and manage asset information

How does HS2 manage information of its over 500 millions assets (and the number is growing!)? How do they keep track all of them?

On completing the learning module you will have an understanding of:

  • What is asset information at HS2?
  • Why is asset information important to the HS2 programme?
  • What the  Asset Information Management System is and how it is used to support HS2 Asset Information Requirements
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