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H W Martin (Traffic Management)


HW Martin (Traffic Management) is a leading temporary traffic management service provider.

Our mission is to be a safe, customer-focused traffic management partner of choice for our clients, whilst being a primary embedding mechanism for an inclusive and sustainable sector.

Our experts deliver data-led, traffic management services within a temporary environment. Put simply, we guide vehicles around roadworks in the safest, most efficient way possible, delivering excellence in operation for our clients.

We pride ourselves on our dependable, agile, and progressive approach that has seen us continuously fulfil our commitments to our clients for the past 32-years. We are inspired to improve the experience of everyone who travels or works on both the Strategic and Local Authority Road Network.

Our Approach to Sustainability

We firmly believe that it is our collective responsibility to make better, more sustainable choices now, that meet the needs of our clients whilst trying to avoid compromising the world we leave behind for future generations.

Some of the innovations we are testing today have the power to transform the way we deliver temporary traffic management in the future. Our approach is holistic. We support diverse and resilient communities any way we can; find faster, safer ways to guide traffic around roadworks; and invest in sustainable businesses to promote more economic vitality in the places we work.

We believe our planet’s resources should be used conservatively and responsibly, this is why our focus is on working collaboratively with our supply chain partners to find viable ways to manage without the major natural resources in the long-term and mitigate the consequences of their overuse. All our supply chain partners are committed to proactively supporting us in achieving our sustainability goals, implementing best value initiatives that positively contribute to sustainability outcomes for our clients.

Becoming a Partner

We are proud to be a Gold Level member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS), a status that we feel reflects our level of engagement and competence, but ensures we are always striving to better our approach to sustainability.

We anticipate aligning our own values with those of the SCSS. We are safe, trusted, and agile; we are also collaborative, progressive and inclusive, and we feel there is much we can do to support the School in achieving its vision of a world class collaboration to enable a sustainable built environment for everyone, everywhere.


““I am extremely proud that H W Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd have become a Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We have been using the School’s extensive suite of free resources to improve our awareness and help set our sustainability strategy. Our partnership with the School will be instrumental in promoting our vision for an inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible sector.””
James Hunt - Sustainability Manager