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Menfor Group


Working with the rail, construction and highways sectors, Menfor Group has a strong track record of providing sub-contracted, targeted labour only solutions for a wide range of projects across the country.

Menfor Group work in collaboration with our clients to provide expertise, capability and enhanced capacity – quickly and seamlessly.

We carry every trade you need – from bricklayers to scaffolders to welders – and it’s our goal to ensure that every single one of our workers has the skills and experience your project requires. Menfor Group understands that sub-contracting of labour is a worry for many sectors and organisations, as you want to be sure the manpower you receive is up to the job at hand. That’s why we have a rolling, always improving training programme to upskill our workers where needed and equip them with the skills and the confidence you demand.

The goal of Menfor Group is to deliver workforce elements that mesh seamlessly with your ongoing project and on-site workforce. We pride ourselves on giving your project the boosted skills and experience you need for successful completion. This is why we put such a strong emphasis on training and up-skilling our workforce, because we know it ultimately benefits our clients.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Menfor Group have taken responsibility to promote the employment and development of individuals locally and local to construction projects UK wide whilst focussing on personal development strategies to fundamentally grow a skilled workforce from the ground up.

We are actively working with schools, colleges, construction training centres and various back to work schemes to provide a wealth of opportunity for the trades people of the future.
We sustain our goals and efforts by closely working with the aforementioned bodies, by building rapport and getting to know potential candidates personally – identifying their goals and doing our best to make sure they can achieve them.

By keeping our efforts local to our offices and construction projects we are involved with, we are also actively working to reduce our carbon footprint.
The environment is a massive factor we take into consideration while going about our day to day.

We have a fleet of up to date low Co2 emission vehicles for our tradespeople as well as encouraging our staff to engage in alternative more environmentally friendly means of travel when applicable.

Menfor Group is not only a supplier to the construction industry, we are proudly invested in the innovation and growth of the industry as a whole.

Why a Partner?

Menfor Group’s joining the ‘Supply chain sustainability school’ as it’s a fantastic opportunity to potentially collaborate and network with construction organisations at all levels whilst expanding our own knowledge across different sectors within the industry.

We at Menfor Group have ambitions to become a market leader therefore hold a huge responsibility to promote best practice and drive improvements not only throughout our organisation but collaborate with the local community, supply chain and partners.