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MJ Gleeson plc


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We build affordable, quality homes. Where they are needed, for the people who need them most.

By establishing strong relationships with local authorities, Gleeson Homes acquires and redevelops sites where there is an obvious need for social and economic regeneration and builds new homes at affordable prices.

We deliver a unique social benefit by helping people to escape from housing poverty caused by the “rent trap” and into home ownership and wealth creation. Our homes are affordable enough to be sold to a couple on the current National Living Wage and mortgage repayments are almost always less than renting.

We invest in the areas in which we build, ensuring that we leave a thriving community once our developments are complete.

Sustainability and the Supply Chain

At Gleeson, sustainability means meeting the needs of the present, without compromising future generations.

Our Sustainability strategy is built around the needs around the People, Communities and Environment.

Why a Partner?

The Supply Chain Sustainability School provides us with the ability to upskill and actively engage with our supply chain and our own staff. The platform to collaborate with our industry peers also creates substantial benefits.