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NG Bailey


From small electrical contractor to industry-leading company.

We are the UK’s leading independent engineering and services business.

Founded in 1921, our business has grown from a small electrical contractor to the award-winning, industry-leading company we are today.

Everything we do at NG Bailey is driven by our vision – to create exceptional environments for present and future generations. For almost a century, we have delivered operational and technical excellence across a range of sectors – bringing buildings and infrastructure to life.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Our vision is to be the best, creating exceptional environments for present and future generations. To do this responsibly, we consider both our current operations and our future legacy.

The long term sustainability of our business is underpinned by our company mission, vision and values. Our current success is marked by a continuing focus to do things better and to meet the challenges of the day, however tough. Spurred on by a growing demand for creative change, we relish the opportunity to explore ways of doing things differently and we recognise that we will only be able to achieve our growth aspirations by forging close, effective and sustainable relationships across the industry and capitalising on the very best input and encouraging innovation from our supply chain.

Why a Partner

As an employer of over 3,500 people across the UK and Ireland, we recognise that we have the opportunity to impact and influence our people, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we work for the better. By partnering with the Supply Chain Sustainability School we are able to support the provision and learning far beyond our immediate reach.

“NG Bailey is delighted to partner the Supply Chain Sustainability School. We recognise the value of continuous dialogue, collaboration and innovation when addressing the sustainability challenges facing our industry. The opportunity to share knowledge and learn from others is invaluable be it in person, at the wide range of events provided by the School, or via the website and online learning.”
Natalie Wilkinson, Head of Responsibility