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Robertson is one of the largest family-owned construction, infrastructure and support services businesses in the UK.

Robertson have many happy customers across the public and private sectors, and pride ourselves on listening carefully to what they have to say and working effectively as a team to produce the very best results.

We are one team focused on sustainability and legacy, and we’re on a mission to succeed.

We are professional and trusted to deliver. A mixture of prudence and diligence, care and attention to detail means customers can be assured we will get things done right first time and succeed in every challenge.

We offer our team the opportunity to learn, progress and make their mark, emphasising the importance of passing on skills to the next generation. We support the livelihoods of our communities and we are determined to create an assured, sustainable future for those that come after us.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

Our purpose is ‘to assure a sustainable future’, something we simply couldn’t achieve without the support of our supply chain. It is our responsibility to demonstrate best practice in delivery of our activities, using our knowledge and influence to support and empower both our customers and supply chain to encourage them to embrace more responsible practices.

Our Responsible Business outcomes are aligned with the aims of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including:

  • Ensuring our people are healthy, safe, happy, treated with respect and empowered;
  • Working in partnership with our communities, supply chain and customers;
  • Minimising our environmental footprint.

The future looks promising with a £2 billion forward order book. This demonstrates more opportunities for business growth and job creation both within Robertson and with our supply chain. We work with our supply chain, providing training and support to help them develop, grow and deliver to the highest professional standard.

Why a Partner?

We have embraced the opportunity to become a Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. It plays a vital part in the successful delivery of our supply chain programme EDEN (Engage, Develop, Enhance, Nurture).

EDEN shapes how we engage with all aspects of the supply chain to develop a truly responsible approach to our operations, to enhance performance in delivering market leading solutions and to nurture our supply chain for the long-term.

The School helps us to continue to invest in skills, people and communities, allowing us to build for the future and leave a truly responsible and sustainable legacy.

“As a Supply Chain Sustainability School partner and ‘Gold’ member we pride ourselves on sustaining a great relationship with our supply chain partners, and we treat them as the vital part of our business that they are. The School allows us to support, upskill and monitor our supply chain’s knowledge development and sustainability skills, giving our customers assurance and the certainty that as a team we will deliver what we say we will.”
Martin Dick, Group Procurement, Supply Chain & Sustainability Director

Robertson's Key Resources

Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Strategy