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We're one of the largest family-owned construction, infrastructure and support service businesses in the UK.

Our capabilities and size as a business have grown over the past five decades, but our purpose has remained the same: to assure a sustainable future.

We use over 50 years’ experience to provide real value and help create sustainable progress for our public and private sector customers. We assure safety, quality and best standards. And we’re committed to investing in the future of our people and communities. It’s the Robertson Way.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is the certainty and assurance we bring. For our customers, there is the certainty that we will deliver what we say we will, when we say we will. For our people there is the certainty of opportunity and progress, plus clear understanding that their safety is of paramount importance every day; and for the communities we operate in there is the certainty that we will consult openly and work to build a positive, lasting legacy.

When we work together, sustainable progress is assured.
We require all of our sub-contractors and suppliers to become active members of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, and work with us to support the delivery of sustainable outcomes across all our projects.

Being socially, economically and environmentally responsible in all that we do is crucial to the success we’ve achieved to date, and to the continued sustainability of our business. Our purpose is to assure a sustainable future, and our UN SDG aligned Responsible Business (ESG) approach helps us deliver this. Our Responsible Business Policy, outlines our aims for Our People, Our Partners and Our Planet. In 2020 we built upon our Responsible Business Policy, with the launch of our Responsible Business 2030 strategy which set out our overarching ESG targets:

Our People: Enhance the lives of 10,000 people, by creating work placements and job opportunities, and by supporting apprenticeships, upskilling and new qualifications by 2030.

Our Partners: Create £1 billion of social value, by enhancing lives and spending locally in the areas where our projects are, and with social enterprises, microbusinesses, and SME by 2030.

Our Planet: Build on our ‘climate positive’ status, by generating zero emissions from our offices, commercial fleet, and construction sites within our operational control, and delivering a biodiversity net gain on our projects.

Responsible Business (ESG) Policy and 2030 Strategy
Supply Chain Code of Conduct
Supply Chain Minimum Standards
Modern Slavery Transparency Statement

“As part of our Robertson Responsible Business (ESG) 2030 Strategy, we have committed to not only decarbonise our own business, but to support our customers and supply chain to do the same. As a Supply Chain Sustainability School partner and ‘Gold’ member, we pride ourselves on sustaining a great relationship with our supply chain partners, and we treat them as the vital part of our business that they are. The School allows us to support, upskill and monitor our supply chain’s knowledge development and sustainability skills, giving our customer assure and the certainty that as a team we will deliver what we say we will”
Martin Dick, Group Procurement, Supply Chain & Sustainability Director

Robertson's Key Resources

Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Strategy