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Sir Robert McAlpine


Sir Robert McAlpine is a family-owned building and civil engineering company established in 1869 and we are proud to say that we are a founding partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

At Sir Robert McAlpine we are not only passionate about shaping the towns, cities and landscapes we work in but we are committed to making a positive impact on communities and environments, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. That means working closely with our business and supply chain partners, leading by example to drive progress and inspire industry-wide changes.

It also means creating and nurturing an inclusive environment which fosters a diversity of skills and talent as we look to push the boundaries yet further.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

At Sir Robert McAlpine we are committed to working for a better future; for people, places and communities. For us it is more than a way of operating – it’s a way of being.

We can only achieve the targets and ambitions we set ourselves by ensuring our supply chain partners are with us on this journey. The Supply Chain Sustainability School helps ensure our supply chain have a complete understanding of our priorities and are able to provide more sustainable products and services which improve efficiency, save money and allow us to better meet clients’ needs.

Why a Partner?

The SCSS plays a powerful role in driving culture change and delivering improvements in knowledge and competence across the industry on sustainability. It provides a valuable forum for those involved in the construction supply chain to engage with, and tackle, sustainability issues both as part of their business and, collaboratively, as part of the wider industry.

The many different learning tools the School provides, from workshops to e-learning modules, ensure that learning is accessible to all and the key sustainability challenges within the industry are communicated across the supply chain. We believe that the collaborative approach the School supports is key to a more sustainable future.

“Sir Robert McAlpine is a founding partner of the School and we are very proud of our involvement and the collaborative approach that the School takes across the industry. By working together with our peers and supply chain partners we can successfully embed sustainability within our practices and ensure lasting positive change.”
Simon Poulter, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain