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Strabag UK


About Us...

Strabag is leading the construction industry through our technical expertise and placing our people at the heart of what we do.


We add value to all our projects through fairness, inclusion and respect, innovation, and our ability to provide specialist skills and services that are flexible in meeting the needs of our clients.

Innovation and our ability to find lean solutions that work for our clients have allowed us to work in a way that is sustainable, efficient and most importantly because it is the right thing to do.

We are one of the few companies that can deliver services along the entire construction journey from design, though planning and construction to commissioning operations. We have delivered major projects such as HS2 and believe in leaving a lasting positive legacy in the communities we work in whilst developing our people and growing a diverse workforce across the UK.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Placing people and communities at the heart of our projects, we recognise projects as an opportunity to improve the lives of communities and positively impact the environments we operate in. We are leading our industry through:

Climate neutral by 2040 – Building upon our Sustainability Strategy in 2021 we aim to be carbon neutral across our entire value chain.

Growing a diverse workforce – We work with local partners to help people overcome barriers into employment. As our workforce grows, we are creating employment opportunities for people.

Supporting our people – We recognise that everyone is different, our approach is centred on providing learning and development that is inclusive by design; allowing everyone to access it.

We have 400 sustainability projects underway, have set up our Skills, Talent, and Employment Partnership (STEP) to work with local partners across the UK and have established learning platforms that our people can access.

Why a Partner?

The school provides workshops that are relevant to our journey, it is forward thinking and ergonomic in meeting the needs of the construction industry. There is practical advice, the opportunity to share good practice and provides a platform for us to collaborate with other members from the construction and infrastructure sectors.


Strabag’s Key Resources

Modern Slavery