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Taylor Wimpey


Our mission is to create great places to live and deliver excellent service which inspires and delights our customers, our people and our shareholders.

Sustainability Policy

At Taylor Wimpey we are defined not just by who we are today, but by what we want to be in the future. Our vision is to work together to build your dreams. This extends and applies to all our stakeholders.

Taylor Wimpey is a national developer operating at a local level from 24 regional businesses across the UK, and we also have operations in Spain. In 2018 we completed a total of 15,275 homes, including joint ventures. As one of the UK’s largest residential developers we do much more than build homes – we add social, economic and environmental value to the wider communities in which we operate. We are first and foremost a local business and an important contributor to local economies and communities.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

We are committed to being a sustainable homebuilder and are continuing to integrate sustainability into our business practices. This approach helps us to create better homes and communities and a stronger business for the long term. We aim to establish long term partnerships with suppliers – this enables us to collaborate
on issues like safety, skills and the environment, to reduce risks to the business and ensure a secure supply of essential materials and labour.

We are currently reviewing our approach to the sustainability of our supply chain. We will include a focus on environmental issues such as waste, materials and carbon, and social issues for example Modern Slavery. We will consider policy, training and the data that underpins our decision making.

Why a Partner?

Our partnership with the School helps us to raise awareness of sustainability issues and improve practices in our business and supply chain. 94% of our national suppliers have now joined the School and completed a sustainability self-assessment. This identifies their strengths and weaknesses in relation to issues such as human rights, resource use and sustainable sourcing and provides an action plan with resources and training materials to help address any gaps. Our suppliers have used these resources over 3,000 times so far, helping to strengthen their approach in areas such as waste, water, community and climate change.