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Transport for Wales


Transport for Wales (TfW) is a Company wholly owned by the Welsh Government, providing expert advice and support on all transport related matters.

Sustainable Development Plan

TfW is driving forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high-quality, safe, integrated and affordable transport network.

A reliable, accessible and low-carbon network of which the people of Wales can be proud. Our continually evolving remit means that we’re building a sustainable transport network that’s fundamental to a thriving Welsh economy now and in the future.

Our purpose is to Keep Wales Moving by providing excellent services and investing in improvements that will benefit people and communities for future generations to come.

A more integrated public transport network is key to achieving the Welsh Government’s national strategy: Prosperity for All.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

We recognise transport is fundamental to the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales

We are working closely with our colleagues throughout the Welsh Government and beyond to ensure that our decision process is focused on sustainability, bringing benefits to this generation and those to follow. We also engage with suppliers in a way that promotes behaviours that support the requirements of the Future Generations Act

Transport for Wales’ aim is to transform the transport network in Wales and the borders so that it becomes truly sustainable and fit for future generations

Why a Partner?

TfW are passionate about delivering sustainable value and working with stakeholders and supply chain that are equally passionate about the sustainability agenda. TfW have partnered with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to provide a platform for the supply chain to engage with, increase their awareness and start their journey to becoming a more sustainable business. It is also a great source for collaboration with like-minded organisations to share best practice.

“The school is a great source of knowledge, expertise, training resources and networking for anyone on their journey to becoming a more sustainable business. The school will help your organisation learn, articulate and measure the sustainable benefits your organisation can deliver for your clients. TfW are particularly interested in how your organisation contributes to the Wellbeing Future Generations Act.”
Sarah Jane Waith - Head of Supply Chain and Contract Management