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University College of Estate Management


The University College of Estate Management (UCEM) was founded in 1919 by Royal Charter and our patron is His Majesty King Charles III. UCEM is a leading alternative provider of supported online learning for existing and aspiring real estate and construction professionals worldwide. We offer degree programmes at Foundation, Bachelor and Masters levels (including degree apprenticeships). Our programmes are designed for those who want to develop their career through part-time study while working and are professionally accredited. At any one time we have over 3,500 part-time students from 110 countries benefitting from our degrees to meet industry needs.

Sustainability aligns with UCEM’s vision and core purpose to provide truly accessible, relevant and cost-effective education, enabling students to enhance careers, increase professionalism and contributes to sustainable built environment.

Why a Partner?

We recognise our role as a leader and educator in creating a sustainable built environment. Through our teaching, operations, partnerships, and influence, we are committed to leading the way. By collaborating with others, we can build on our existing partnerships and leverage our collective strength to effect change.

Education and training is critical in driving innovation and growth in sustainability, and we believe it will accelerate our overall goals of protecting and adapting to the changing needs of our planet.