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United Living


About Us...

ESG Document 


United Living is leading the way in infrastructure, housing and property services.

We take pride in helping our clients create communities people enjoy being part of by providing the essential services to the owners and operators of critical utility infrastructure and property assets.

Delivering essential services, we employ more than 1,100 people nationally and have a supply chain network of over 2,000 colleagues supporting our projects.

The work we deliver in Property Services revives homes and communities through the regeneration of living spaces, whilst Infrastructure Services ensures the safe and reliable operation of utility assets. Our New Homes business is a trusted development partner to the largest UK social landlords and build to rent communities.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

We recognise the adverse environmental impact our services can have on the environment, as well as the benefits of working to support the communities in which we operate. For this reason we put our environmental, social and governance framework in place, designed to ensure that everything we do is governed by a commitment to reduce our negative impacts.

This framework includes actions to tackle some of the most pressing environmental and social concerns, from reducing avoidable waste to reducing carbon emissions by 2030.

All our commitments are driven by measurable outputs that ensure this sustainable approach is embedded into key business decisions.

In 2022 parts of our business achieved PAS 2060 net zero accreditation.

Why a Partner?

Partnership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School demonstrates our commitment to embedding sustainable practices in our organisation and our wider supply chain. The range of online and in person training available will be a valuable resource both internally, for ensuring our teams have the knowledge to implement our sustainability strategy, and externally to ensure our supply chain are aligned with our sustainability goals. Collaboration is key to achieving sustainability and we look forward to sharing best practice with other members.

“"Membership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School gives us access to valuable training resources for our internal teams and our supply chain, and the opportunity to collaborate and develop common goals. We look forward to sharing best practice with other members"”
David Jenkins, Procurement Director