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Wigan & Leigh College


Wigan & Leigh College has a long-standing history and reputation for providing excellence in construction, engineering & manufacturing and is committed to training highly skilled engineers and construction specialists of the future.

The college specialises in intelligent engineering including green technologies, retrofit, mechatronics, robotics, automation and autonomous vehicles, as well as the development and evolution of sustainable and hybrid technologies.

Why a Partner?

Understanding and managing the impact of our actions on people and the environment is everyone’s business and forms part of our pledge as an ethical and socially responsible college.

Alongside our role in supporting the community, providing high quality education and training, we are progressing our sustainability agenda with staff and students working together to preserve the world’s valuable resources.

Our partnership with the School helps us to develop and integrate sustainability and hybrid technologies within our curriculum to train and develop the future workforce, providing industry relevant resources and upskill our workforce.