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Yorkshire Water


Taking responsibility for the water environment for good

Yorkshire Water provide some of life’s most essential services to the people and businesses of the Yorkshire and Humberside region, playing a key role in the region’s health, well-being and prosperity.

They do this by supplying water and waste water services and being custodians of essential infrastructure and the natural environment. The 5.4 million people who live in Yorkshire, and the millions of people who visit the region each year, rely on their services for their basic health needs and lifestyles. 140,000 businesses use their water to provide goods and services that support the economy not just of Yorkshire but the whole of the UK.

Their vision is “taking responsibility for the water environment for good,” which captures their ambition to go beyond regulatory requirements and commitment to long-term sustainability. The essence of their vision is doing what is right for customers, colleagues, partners, the environment and investors, both in the short and long-term. This holistic and integrated approach is critical to the resilience of their essential water and waste water services, and of the business. The consistent, reliable and quality provision of their services is essential to the people, economy and environment of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Water have recently consulted with customers and stakeholders over a new long-term strategy. As a company whose core business fundamentally relies on financial, natural and social resources, they know that there are major challenges to resilience of their essential water and waste water services, such as climate change, population growth and resource constraints.

The new strategy includes Five Big Goals that will shape everything they do in the future. The proposed strategy sets out five big goals, based on our analysis of future pressures and what their customers and stakeholders have told them.

  • Customers: Yorkshire Water will develop the deepest possible understanding of their customers’ needs and wants and ensure that they develop a service tailored and personalised to meet those needs.
  • Water supply: Yorkshire Water will always provide you with enough safe water, they will not waste water and always protect the environment.
  • Environment: Yorkshire Water will remove surface water from their sewers and recycle all waste water, protecting the environment from sewer flooding and pollution.
  • Transparency: Yorkshire Water will be a global benchmark for openness and transparency.
  • Bills: Yorkshire Water will use innovation to improve service, eradicate waste and reduce costs so no one need worry about paying their bill. They will not waste money.

Why a Partner?

Yorkshire Water’s ambition is for their global supply chain to share their commitment to the continuous improvement of the water environment and wider sustainable development. Their Sustainable Supply Chain Policy applies across all supply chain activities and seeks to articulate a consistent approach with straight forward expectations.

Yorkshire Water will work with their supply chain to ensure security of essential supplies, continually reduce demand for depleting natural resources and to enable a cycle of social, economic and environmental improvements. They expect a similar message to be passed through the supply chain by everyone they work with. Yorkshire Water have a particular focus on driving down their carbon emissions and they expect their suppliers to support them in achieving their carbon commitments.