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Retrofit: Get Involved

Energy and Carbon

Published 21st Oct 22 - by sophiecoyle

Retrofit is a growing area of focus in our industry and an opportunity not to be missed. The scale of work required in the built environment across the UK is on a scale not seen since the end of the Second World War. The Supply Chain Sustainability School is now working on its contribution in retrofit and would like your involvement.



80% of all the buildings in use by 2050 have already been built. Research now suggests that 29 million homes need to be retrofitted to enable the UK to hit its 2050 carbon emission targets.

For this to happen, the retrofitting industry needs to grow by ten times its current size. Retrofit isn’t only required in domestic settings; commercial, public and historical buildings also need improving.

This means they need to be more efficient. They need to use less energy, lose less energy and enable the efficient dispersion and generation of energy.

Retrofitting existing buildings will allow individuals and businesses to save money and as heating costs rise, the demand for retrofit will only increase. It’s not just the economic savings, retrofit will let people across the UK live and work in warmer and healthier buildings. Looking at the bigger picture, it is a route for a more sustainable future for the built environment. It will help our industry, and the country as a whole, decarbonise.

This is not just something construction industry should do, but it will have to do. Increasing legislation around building efficiency, including the mandating of EPC C, means that buildings must change.

The opportunity for retrofit is here and increasing. You just need to decide how your organisation will be involved.


How can you get involved?

Retrofit Leadership Group for Partners

We have launched a Retrofit Leadership Group in the School to look at how we can collaborate and upskill supply chains on this. The School will be developing learning based on partner input. The group needs to involve representatives from across the sector.

The next meeting is in Nov 2nd, 10-12.

If you are not already involved in the group and would like to be, please contact [email protected].

Training Sessions

There are two upcoming training sessions planned, please join and share with your colleagues/supply chains:

  1. Retrofit: The Scale of Opportunity, Nov 24th, 10-12am
  2. Learnings from Retrofit Innovation: EnergieSprong UK – Lunch n Learn, Jan 26th, 1-2pm


If you have any case studies and work you’d like to share on retrofit, please contact [email protected].