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Supply Chain Sustainability School and BBI Services Partner to Upskill the Built Environment Industry

Published 19th Jul 22 - by Gemma Laws

Business improvement specialists, BBI Services strives to transform business performance across the built environment industry in partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

BBI has developed a series of unique training and coaching programmes through the Supply Chain Sustainability School, aiming to build the skillsets, mindsets and toolsets of individuals and teams to achieve high performance.

The School is a free online learning platform offering 50,000 registered users access to 3,000 learning resources, 400 virtual training sessions each year, and a range of diagnostic and benchmarking tools to support companies in focusing their sustainability strategies.

By partnering with the School, BBI can train the sector to tackle low productivity levels, enhance quality, and reduce cost, which then all have a positive impact on sustainability as the ultimate goal. Not only this, but the School enables BBI to support members with utilising their CITB levy pot to fund their Improvement Skillset Training, allowing Continued Professional Development (CPD) Points and positively impacting business performance.

Ian Heptonstall, Director of Supply Chain Sustainability School, said: “We started working with BBI Services in 2018 and, in the last two years, the team has been delivering their Improvement Foundation Skillset programme as well as a series of Lunch ‘n’ Learns and interactive workshops to School members on several topics.

“We receive positive feedback from the participants who attend the BBI Services training, and we have seen first-hand how they can help to make a real difference across all levels of an organisation within the built environment.

“The industry has faced unprecedented times in the last two years, but the BBI Services team have continued to deliver to a great standard. They offer members great advice, recommendations, and coaching to help organisations tackle their challenges, without sacrificing quality or safety.”

Mark Worrall, CEO of BBI Services, said: “Since becoming an official Partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School two years ago, we’ve been delighted to deliver such valuable sessions to an engaged audience in the construction sector.

“This is a great partnership which has created lots of opportunities for us to support the different Leadership groups, including Offsite, Infrastructure and Digital. I also co-chair the Operational Efficiency & Lean leadership group with Ian Heptonstall and other representatives from clients, through to contractors, and manufacturers.

“Working closely with the School has provided the chance for us to access their incredible resource bank and excellent learning management system and fully utilise their sustainability tools and techniques.

“Following on from the School’s 10th Anniversary this year, we have some exciting plans in the pipeline, including a high-profile Business Byte event which focuses on productivity in construction, in partnership with the UK Construction Productivity Taskforce “

For more information on the BBI Services team and how they can enhance a team’s personal growth and build team engagement and involvement, visit: https://www.bbiservices.com/what-we-do/training-services.