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Scotland Market Update: December 2021

Operational Excellence through Lean Thinking, Scotland

Published 26th Nov 21 - by rosiewatts

Top stories

Nature Scot publishes its new draft guidance for comment: Developing with Nature

This guidance has been prepared in support of the draft National Planning Framework 4, to inform understanding of The Scottish Government’s approach set out in Policy 3(e) on the Nature Crisis.  This policy refers to the inclusion of ‘appropriate measures’ to enhance biodiversity for certain local and non-EIA development.  The draft guidance provides advice on 23 such measures, including managing water with nature, providing homes for nature and planting for nature.

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SGN plans accelerated hydrogen roll out

SGN has set out an accelerated pathway for converting Scotland’s gas networks to 100% hydrogen, starting with Aberdeen. The gas network company commissioned consultant Wood to investigate the feasibility of a hydrogen energy system with a view to helping deliver the Scottish government’s target of one million homes having low-carbon heat by 2030.


Edinburgh trams to Newhaven project remains on track

The Trams to Newhaven project remains on track to be completed by Spring 2023, as the City of Edinburgh Council marks the two years point in the projects construction.

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December’s Featured Topic: Lean & Operational Efficiency 

Implementing Lean principles in your business can improve and support the development of a better skilled workforce. There is a clear correlation between high performing processes and teams having a significant impact on sustainability goals, enabling us to meet challenges faced by organisations throughout the built environment sector, including reaching sustainability targets to reduce waste and carbon, and improving the wellbeing of staff.

Start your learning on the topic of Lean with the handpicked resources below:

Lean Construction in 3 minutes

A video providing an introduction to Lean and the benefits it can bring to your business to improve productivity, reduce costs and tackle sustainability issues. 

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Kaizen The Secret behind Japanese Productivity

This short video explains why Kaizen can be the secret behind Japanese productivity.

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Visual Management

A module, which describes the purpose and aims of visual management, and outlines how visual management can support productivity and continuous improvement.

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Upcoming virtual training:

Understanding climate change & carbon and the importance to your organisation & customers 

The built environment is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions and reduction has to occur to avoid the worst effects. There is increasing pressure on our industry to ensure that we are reducing carbon in the design, construction and operation of projects, and organisations need to understand how to help their customers meet this challenge.

This workshop will develop your knowledge and skills so that you can support your organisation by assessing and reducing your carbon emissions.

Event Details:

  • DATE: 14th December
  • TIME: 9:30am -12:30pm
  • LOCATION: Online

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