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Tackling Economic Inequality

Creating new businesses, new jobs and new skills.

PPN 06/20 Social Value Model Quick Reference Table

PPN 06/20 model evaluation questions, model award criteria, model response guidance and reporting metrics

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A key policy outcome in PPN 06/20, the Government’s Social Value Model, is the creation of new businesses, new jobs and new skills.

Activities that can help deliver this policy outcome, include:

  • Engaging diverse supply chains
  • Ensuring ethical and lawful employment conditions
  • Promoting and embedding a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect
  • Attracting, developing and retaining a diverse talent pool

Tackling Economic Inequality Related Topics

Below are the School topics, each containing a bank of resources that will help you to deliver against this policy outcome.

Supplier Diversity

Providing free and fair opportunities for all businesses to bid…

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Fairness, Inclusion & Respect

Making our workplaces even better for everyone.

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Training & Skills

Attracting, developing and retaining talent to improve productivity and enable…

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Employment Conditions

Getting to grips with ethical and lawful employment.

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Encouraging the use of local people and those from diverse…

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The People Matter Charter
Learn about the People Matter Charter and how this can help future proof your business and its supply chain.
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Take the FIR Growth Assessment
Take the FIR Growth Assessment to benchmark your organisation’s FIR commitments against others in your sector. You will need to be an admin on your corporate account to complete this.
Training and events
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