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New Partner benefit: Diversity Tool

Fairness Inclusion and Respect

Published 25th Jun 24 - by millieholder

Since the launch of the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Diversity Tool in 2021, over 537 organisations have registered to report their organisation’s employee diversity data, capturing data on over 526,000 employees. This is the largest UK dataset on diversity metrics available in the sector.

The standardised approach to collecting data via the Diversity Tool’s survey simplifies the reporting process and enables annual benchmarks to be set, empowering Partners with powerful and expert insights to establish their ESG priorities and invest their resources where they will have the most impact. These benchmarks give Partners an accurate picture of their supply chains’ diversity performance in comparison to the industry, their own employees and against ONS (UK census data).

Take a look at last year’s Diversity Survey Benchmarking Report 2023 to understand the data collected and analysed through this approach, which is discussed at our annual benchmarking event. The Diversity Survey will continue to be free to use and report for all suppliers, however, Partners will now have the opportunity to access the Diversity Tool supplier dashboards as a Level 2 Partner or above.

What does this mean for me?

  • If you’re a Level 1 Partner, nothing changes! Speak to your Account Manager if you’re interested in gaining access to the Diversity Tool and would like to upgrade your Partner Level.
  • If you’re a Level 2 or 3 Partner, you will now have the option to use either the Carbon Calculator (scope 3 reporting tool) or Diversity Tool (supply chain diversity data reporting)*. Speak to your Account Manager to discuss this option.
  • If you’re a Level 4 Partner, your fee includes both the Carbon Calculator (scope 3 reporting tool) and Diversity Tool (supply chain diversity data reporting).

*Please note that Partners can engage in one of these benefits, and once engagement has started on the chosen Tool, they will not be able switch benefits.