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CO2 Performance Ladder Pilot Launches in the UK

Energy and Carbon

Published 21st May 24 - by Gemma Laws

21 May 2024, London, UK – The CO2 Performance Ladder pilot has launched in the United Kingdom. This project marks a significant advancement in promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions within the UK’s procurement landscape. 

The Foundation for Climate-Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO), the owner and manager of the CO2 Performance Ladder, has chosen Action Sustainability, an award-winning sustainability consultancy and the delivery partner behind the Supply Chain Sustainability School, as its UK partner for this ambitious initiative. Together, they will collaborate with leading government bodies to initiate the pilot project within selected tenders. 

Driving decarbonisation in the UK 

The CO2 Performance Ladder, originally a Dutch sustainability instrument, has achieved notable success across Europe, including in the Netherlands and Belgium. With pilot trials already underway in Ireland and France, the UK emerges as the latest frontier for this innovative approach to carbon reduction.  

Maud Vastbinder, Manager CO2 Performance Ladder Europe, said: “We are thrilled to be piloting the CO2 Performance Ladder in the UK, together with Action Sustainability and Transport for London. The Ladder is a vital tool for any procurer’s toolbox, and we’re convinced the tool can be a success in driving decarbonisation in the UK.” 

Reducing supply chain emissions 

The Ladder empowers organisations to effectively manage and mitigate their carbon footprint across operations, projects, and supply chains, while also serving as a procurement tool. Companies certified on the Ladder gain a competitive edge when tendering for public procurement contracts, as authorities increasingly prioritise environmentally responsible practices. 

James Cadman, Head of Consultancy & Climate at Action Sustainability, emphasised the pivotal role of sustainable procurement in achieving net-zero carbon goals, stating: “The vast majority of most organisations’ carbon impacts lie in the supply chain. If any organisation is serious about reaching Net Zero Carbon, they need a robust plan to reduce their supply chain scope 3 emissions. This is where sustainable procurement and the CO2 Performance Ladder come in.”  

Transport for London will pilot the tool within selected tenders, fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship in UK procurement practices.  

David Stokes, Assistant Director of Public Procurement at the Department for Business and Trade said: “I am delighted that the Co2 Performance Ladder will be piloted in the UK. Procurement is an important lever to help us decarbonise, and I look forward to seeing the results.” 

As the world increasingly prioritises environmental sustainability, initiatives like the CO2 Performance Ladder play a crucial role in driving meaningful change. With Action Sustainability’s expertise and the Ladder’s proven track record, the UK can look forward to a future where carbon reduction and sustainable procurement go hand in hand, paving the way towards a greener, more resilient economy. 

For more information on the CO2 Performance Ladder, visit co2performanceladder.com.