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Construction Market Update: June 2021

Sustainability In Construction, Wellbeing

Published 24th May 21 - by sophiecoyle

Top stories

Hard hat scheme aims to protect heads and hearts

Fortel Group, a leading supplier of labour to the construction industry, has partnered with the School to launch a campaign, encouraging those within the industry to embrace diversity and boost conversations around mental health.


Exploring Skanska’s electric vehicle charging retrofit

How EDF-owned chargepoint provider Pod Point assisted Skanska on its mission to become carbon-neutral by 2045 by retrofitting a key office with chargepoints for EVs.

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Green light for ‘net zero’ equivalent for nature

The government is expected to announce a legally-binding target for 2030 to drive action to halt the decline of nature and wildlife.

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June’s Featured Topic: Wellbeing

The evidence for investing in wellbeing in the built environment was already compelling but the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the mandate for action based on the relationship of building, public, and ecological health.

Take a look at the selected resources below to start to develop your understanding on the importance of considering wellbeing in the construction sector.

Wellbeing In The Built Environment – Document

Exploring the business case for wellbeing in the built environment and summarising current wellbeing activity in the sector.

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Happiness And Work – Video

Discover the surprising results on connecting wellbeing, mental health, and understand how employers can play a role in improving our lives at work.

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Why invest in employee wellbeing? – Document

Employers can have a major influence on an individual sense of wellbeing, which can have a multitude of benefits for the organisation itself.

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Benchmark your Sustainability Knowledge

Want to understand your sustainability knowledge level, and know how that compares to others in the sector? It’s easy to find out… just take an assessment today with our FREE tool. It’s designed to help you, or your company, assess your current level of knowledge and identify strengths and hot spots.

Once you’ve assessed, you get a tailored action plan – this list of 10 resources tells you where to focus your learning.