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Could you be the 100th signatory to the People Matter Charter?

Published 30th Sep 21 - by rosiewatts

What is the People Matter Charter?

Diversity, exploitation, wellbeing, employment conditions and training & skills are common challenges faced by organisations and their supply chains. People issues are vast, yet all connected.

With 99 signatories and counting, the ‘People Matter Charter’ helps organisations up and down the supply chain address these challenges together, in one workforce strategy.  The Charter has eight commitments that can apply to any organisation, of any size.

Why commit to the Charter and become a signatory?

Do you employ people? Do you work with supply chain partners who employ people, either sub-contractors or suppliers? If yes, regardless of your organisation’s size, the Charter applies to you.

By committing to the Charter you will:

  • Demonstrate to clients your commitment to engage and develop your workforce
  • Increase staff retention
  • Improve wellbeing and help decrease absenteeism
  • Improve supply chain resilience
  • Adapt to the needs of an evolving industry
  • Collaborate with industry to improve labour standards across the value chain

What commitment is required?

Signatories to the Charter must:

  • Already be at least level 1 in 6 of the 8 commitments outlined in the People assessment
  • Be committed to embedding the People Matter Charter in your organisation
  • Be committed to working with your supply chain and embedding the Charter’s commitments in your supply chain requirements
  • Provide the School with one written case study per year, providing either qualitative or quantitative evidence on the impact the Charter is having on your organisation and / or supply chain

Complete the People Matter Learning Pathway to become a free signatory.

For further information click here or contact [email protected]