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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I can't access my account! I've requested a new password, but it still won't let me in?
Your account has probably been locked - this can happen after 3 or more failed login attempts. If you think your account has locked you out, simply contact us and we will unlock your account for you. 
2. How do I get my bespoke action plan, so I benchmark my organisation's progress?

To gain a bespoke action plan you will need to complete a self assessment. The self assessment tool is located on your account page. Please click here to find out how the self assessment tool works. 

3. Can my account be in more than one market of the School? 

As a member you are a a part of the whole School. You have the ability to assess and improve your knowledge across all markets within the school.

4. How do I add a colleague onto my account? 

You can add a colleague to your account using the ‘add colleague’ function located on the left hand side of your account page. Simply enter your colleagues' details into the registration form along with a password of your choice. Once this has been done your colleague is added onto your account. 

5. How often should I login and re-assess?

You should login on a regular basis as we are always updating content and announcing new event dates. Re-assessing on a regular basis will help you maintain your level of membership

6. I've tried to register and the website is telling me the School has found some of my colleagues, what does this mean?

We encourage each company to have one account so that all progress is saved on one account. Larger companies should have one account per business unit or office post code for example. You are able create your own individual account if you wish.

If you're trying to register and find that some of your colleagues have already registered please do contact them and ensure that you are added onto your organisation's business account- it only takes a moment (if you have any problems doing this please contact us). You can then access all of the School's resources and view  the bespoke action plans gained.

7. Can my clients see my self assessment scores?
Please note that all information submitted in the self assessment is completely confidential therefore you clients are unable to see your self assessment scores.

8. Does my account have a membership number?

All accounts within the school are determined by organisation name only. Therefore there is no membership number.

9. I am interested in becoming a Partner, who should I contact? 

If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please contact Paul Parkinson at