Supply Chain School

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The Structure of the School 

The School has a central Board which is supported by seven Market Sector Groups as shown below. Partners can choose from three to seven groups to be part of subject to their Partnership level. Click here to see more information on Partner fees.

  • With the exception of the Board, partners are welcome to nominate one representative per group and one substitute
  • It is the partners responsibility to ensure that substitutes are fully briefed about the School and the issues discussed previously within the group
  • Each group will elect a chair
  • The delivery partner will provide a secretariat for each group. The secretariat will work with the chair to set the agenda
  • Group members will have an agenda and all the information they need to inform the discussions at least 5 working days before the meeting and minutes within 5 working days after the meeting
  • The chair’s primary role is to seek consensus, partners who do not attend a particular meeting are assumed to accept the consensus of the group

How to become Partner?

​Becoming a Partner is straightforward. Please contact Paul Parkinson on 07568 052 780 or email Paul will arrange to meet with you to discuss the benefits of becoming a Partner in more depth.