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The Sustainability Self Assessment

The free sustainability Self Assessment Tool has been designed to help you assess your company's current Management, Offsite& Sustainability strengths and to identify the areas in which you can develop your competencies.

You can complete your self assessment in ManagementOffsite, and / or Sustainability by country (EnglandScotland or Wales), and by market (Construction, FM, Homes and Infrastructure).  You will need to Login or register an account at the school to complete a self assessment.

The Tool examines your company's competency and level of knowledge.  It is not about pre-qualification, however you may volunteer to share your action plan with potential customers as evidence of your drive towards continual improvement. 

A great aspect of the Self Assessment Tool is that the review process and action planning which the School provides is a common approach from leading contractors, FM service providers and clientsThese businesses are keen to simplify this agenda and lessen the burden on you, their suppliers.

It is aimed at people with some expertise in the areas you have chosen to self assess in and it does require a good knowledge of your organisation.

The Tool is based on self assessment and is entirely confidential. We will not share your results, and a degree of judgements is required to score each question. We are happy to help should you have any questions - just click on the help or 'more info' icons throughout the questionnaire

You can also complete multiple-self assessments if you work in lots of different areas and don't fear; you will not have to go through a whole new self assessment; our system will just ask some 'top up' questions in your new area and you will receive your bespoke action plan!

Click here for a step by step guide to completing your self assessment or Login or register and start you self assessment today!