Supply Chain School

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Action Sustainability, the Delivery Partner for the School is a small business with world leading expertise in sustainable supply chain management. That is how can suppliers in complex supply chains support the delivery of clients' sustainability ambitions. Our mission is to lead and inspire sustainable business.

As the creators of the School we will work independent of the client and contractor Partners to ensure that your results remain confidential. We have significant experience in the field of sustainability and our clients include major corporations, developers and public sector clients who are the ultimate clients for the contractors for whom you work.

Over the last 9 years, we have worked with many major clients in the Built Environment to help define their sustainability ambitions and embed sustainability into their supply chains.  Most of our clients simply cannot realise these ambitions without a sustainable supply chain.

Our team are renowned for providing thought leadership in the field of sustainability, including sustainability advice to London 2012 and authoring new British Standards such as BS 8903 and the CIRIA Guide to Sustainable Procurement in Construction.

Our experienced team provide specialist business advice, training, services and practical tools that will help your organisation transform your supply chain's contribution to your sustainability objectives;

  • Identify why sustainability is important to your organisation
  • Link your strategic goals to an effective sustainable supply chain management strategy
  • Implement your strategy throughout your procurement team and through your supply chain
  • Put in place measurement, evaluation and assurance mechanisms to ensure your approach is embedded in everyday business practices and provides