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Group Sustainability Policy 

About Morgan Sindall

Morgan Sindall Group plc is a leading UK construction and regenerating group, operating in the public and commercial sectors through six divisions as above. We are delighted to be a partner on the Supply Chain Sustainability School as sustainability lies at the heart of our business and we are committed to providing practical support to enable our suppliers to develop their sustainability credentials

Why are we part of the School?
To be a truly sustainable business we need to get our supply chain aligned with our sustainability agenda - we can’t do it without them.  As a tier one contractor we should be the fire-starter of getting the sustainability message across to help create a more knowledgeable and sustainability conscious industry. The school helps achieve this by firstly helping to clarify to our supply chain why we as a Group are demanding more sustainable products and behaviour change.  It then provides the knowledge needed for them to be able to put together their own strategy for improvement.  

The fact that the resources are free to the supply chain at point of delivery (funded by the wider main contractors, employers and clients) is excellent and shows that the industry can collaborate effectively on a broader picture and speak with one voice. 

“The Supply Chain Sustainability School has established a foothold across the breadth of the UK construction suppliers and subcontractors. This is a significant step forward where previous attempts have failed. The school has generated an energy amongst all sizes of business to encompass the safe and sustainable agenda. The improvements in both understanding and tangible effort are measurable - we at Morgan Sindall view the school as one of the pillars of our commitment to the industry.” 
Graham Edgell, Group Procurement Director, Morgan Sindall Group

“To be a truly sustainable organisation we need to look beyond our own operations to the supply chain as they are the key to helping us achieve our sustainability targets and objectives. The school is a great way to get the sustainability message across and educate our supply chain.”
Darryl Hammond, Head of Health, Safety and Sustainability, Lovell Partnerships

 “We have a great supply chain, without whom, we couldn’t deliver the great projects that we do. This said We need our supply chain to not become complacent, the supply chain sustainability school, allows them to stay up to date with new things on the horizon and work to improve their businesses further.”  Joe Croft, Head of Environmental and Sustainability, Overbury

Challenges and opportunities our industry faces:
  • Skills shortages 
  • Material shortages 
  • Environmental/sustainability
  • Meeting client demand to demonstrate the business’ approach to sustainability
  • Limited knowledge on sustainable development 
  • Carbon management   
  • Improving the image of the sector
  • Attracting diverse groups and including them
  • Ability to innovate 
  • Identifying value streams and differentiating with them
How the School helps to address these?

The school addresses the challenges and opportunities that are, or could be, linked to the actions of our business by making us look beyond our own operations. In order for a business to be truly sustainable the supply chain needs to be involved. The school helps to educate our supply chain so we can effectively implement our sustainability strategy not only within our own operations but externally.