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Common Social Impact Framework for Rail

A framework to measure and report the social impacts of the UK’s rail industry has been developed by RSSB in partnership with Action Sustainability, ARUP, Simetrica and a working group of rail stakeholders, including representatives of the Department for Transport (DfT), Association of Community Rail Partnerships, Network Rail, HS2 Ltd, Skanska and Abellio.

This Common Social Impact Framework (CSIF) for Rail aims to provide a common, consistent basis for understanding and measuring social impacts by:

  • Identifying the 10 key social impacts of rail
  • Providing a library of goals, indicators, metrics and monetised values for each impact (some of which require a licence prior to use), from which stakeholders can select measures to best report both positive (e.g. training of apprentices) and negative (e.g. increased noise and air pollution) impacts of activities
  • Outlining approaches that can be used for qualitative reporting 

The CSIF draws from existing social impact research, literature, tools and approaches and is tailored to the bespoke needs of the rail sector. It’s applicable across the whole life of franchises, projects and programmes, but it’s not intended that any stakeholder should use all the measures and qualitative approaches. 

Anthony Perret, head of RSSB’s sustainable development program, said:

“Social value is a key element of what the UK rail industry brings to the country. It is increasingly important that we develop a way of measuring this, in terms of reporting value to local stakeholders, the communities in which we work, and our customers. And also, to industry funders such as the DfT.”

Skanska Sustainability Manager Peter Ives, has used the CSIF on the Wessex Alliance project to engage the wider project team and called the framework “an opportunity to start reporting social value on a much more consistent basis.”

For more information:

Download the CSIF HERE  
Download the research behind the CSIF HERE

A 16-minute guidance film about CSIF is available HERE