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Social Value by Design

Social value is a fast evolving subject. Up to now, discussions have largely excluded designers and architects. We are now seeking to involve them. 

Two documents are downloadable from this page. They have been written for designers, architects and others (e.g. within client organisations) who influence design, by thought-leading designers, clients, consultants and contractors.

  • Social Value and Design of the Built Environment - please download this pdf document to benefit from the hyperlinks between sections of the document and to external weblinks

  • Where can I find out more? - a word document containing additional links and resources

    This material aims to stimulate conversation. We welcome your thoughts, feed-back, questions and additional links and resources. Please email these to and we will add them to this page and into future editions of this material.

    If you are interested in social value in construction and asset use, please visit our materials on our Social Value page.