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Flannery plant support the Plant Group to help produce the Minimum Standards 2.0

Plant Group

Published 30th Mar 22 - by billywilkinson

During the past year, Flannery plant have supported the Plant Group within the Supply Chain Sustainability School through its overhaul of their Minimum Standards to a second version.

The new Gold status Flannery has been awarded is part of a new programme within the School’s Plant Charter which recognises the actions taken by construction organisations to lower emissions on construction sites, resulting in improved air quality and a cleaner working environment.

Each organisation that becomes a signatory to the Charter makes a public pledge to work towards five commitments that address these emissions. These include minimum standards in procurement, engagement with stakeholders, awareness raising and education, measurement and reporting, and innovation. Having been in place for a year, the Group agreed it was necessary, and time, to make the Charter more robust such that organisations wishing to declare their ambitions to reduce air quality and carbon emissions now need to provide evidence to back up their claims.

“Having been the first Partner in the School to make a commitment to the v1.0 of the Plant Charter in 2020, it’s great that Flannery have renewed their status to the Charter and its updated Minimum Standards v2.0.  We fully expect other suppliers and contractors to follow their example.” – James Cadman, Head of Carbon, Supply Chain Sustainability School

Flannery are pleased to have been recognised for its work so far but don’t intend to stop there. Flannery will reiterate its commitment to reducing emissions on site through the continued roll-out of its sustainability plan. This includes focusing its customers on the programme of events and innovations supporting ‘FlanneryFuture’ which has, to date, included a number of innovations surrounding machine data and productivity management, alternatively powered plant and capability training of its operators.

“We’re proud of what we’ve worked towards with the Supply Chain Sustainability School so far and we’re happy to have renewed our status. We’re aim to be trendsetters within construction and continue to support innovation and sustainability across the industry. This will always be at the forefront of our decisions as a business.” – Patrick Flannery, Managing Director, Flannery Plant Hire