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FM Market Update: December 2021

Facilities Management, Operational Excellence through Lean Thinking

Published 25th Nov 21 - by rosiewatts

Top stories

Reducing carbon emissions through circular economy

The circular economy is to play a critical role in helping to cut carbon emissions. By recycling existing materials the highly energy-intensive production of new raw materials is reduced, accelerating the movement to net zero carbon emissions. What technologies are available to meet the challenges ahead?

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Time to reskill our people to meet the needs of the digital economy

The Autumn Budget presented an opportunity to reshape the economy around technology and scientific innovation and take a proactive approach to reskilling for a digital era. This means upskilling certain areas such as the hospitality area.

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Hybrid Operations

Tom Absalom, Managing Director of JCA discusses the delivery of M&E services that support the operation of hybrid working. 

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December’s Featured Topic: Lean & Operational Efficiency 

Implementing Lean principles in your business can improve and support the development of a better skilled workforce. There is a clear correlation between high performing processes and teams having a significant impact on sustainability goals, enabling us to meet challenges faced by organisations throughout the built environment sector, including reaching sustainability targets to reduce waste and carbon, and improving the wellbeing of staff.

Start your learning on the topic of Lean with the handpicked resources below:

Lean Construction in 3 minutes

A video providing an introduction to Lean and the benefits it can bring to your business to improve productivity, reduce costs and tackle sustainability issues. 

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Kaizen The Secret behind Japanese Productivity

This short video explains why Kaizen can be the secret behind Japanese productivity.

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Visual Management

A module, which describes the purpose and aims of visual management, and outlines how visual management can support productivity and continuous improvement.

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