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Homes Market Update: August 2021

Offsite Construction Training

Published 25th Jul 21 - by sophiecoyle

Top stories

New homes not ready for climate change – CCC

New homes are unsuitable for climate change, with more than 570,000 residential properties built since 2016 not able to withstand future high temperatures, according to an assessment led by the Climate Change Committee (CCC).

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UK’s first hydrogen-fuelled demonstration homes opened

Two homes fuelled entirely by hydrogen are being showcased to demonstrate the potential of the new energy supply in helping the United Kingdom decarbonise its housing.

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ilke announces mainstream zero carbon home

Modular housing company ilke Homes has unveiled its “mainstream” zero carbon home which it says will save consumers £1,000 a year with the promise of “zero bills”.



August’s Featured Topic: Offsite

To build a more profitable and sustainable industry new and smarter construction techniques are needed. Offsite is making construction leaner, greener and more efficient.

Take a look at the selected resources below to start to develop your understanding on the importance of Offsite in the Homes sector.

Offsite Fundamentals -Systems – This interactive e-learning module provides an explanation of offsite, the common systems and materials used and the modern methods of construction hierarchy. Watch the Module>>

Offsite Procurement –  John Skivington, Direct at LHC provides an overview of offsite procurement in this short video. Watch the Video>>

CIRIA Offsite Standardisation and Pre- Assembly Toolkit –  This standardisation and pre-assembly procedure are applied through a series of reviews. Guidance on key issues for S&P workshops is also found in this tool. View the Toolkit>>

Benchmark your Sustainability Knowledge

Want to understand your sustainability knowledge level, and know how that compares to others in the sector? It’s easy to find out… just take an assessment today with our FREE tool. It’s designed to help you, or your company, assess your current level of knowledge and identify strengths and hot spots.

Once you’ve assessed, you get a tailored action plan – this list of 10 resources tells you where to focus your learning.