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Homes Market Update: January 2022

Biodiversity and Ecology, Homes

Published 04th Jan 22 - by sophiecoyle

Top stories

Government publishes changes to Building Regulations

The government has published the new regulations for Part L and F as well as its response to the Future Buildings Standard consultation.

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London’s Grosvenor Square to be transformed into ‘urban garden’

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland has submitted proposals to transform Grosvenor Square into an urban garden that, if approved, will be the second-largest in London, and deliver a 15.5% biodiversity net-gain benefit.


School Partner Vistry signs up to sustainability-linked financing

Housebuilder Vistry has completed a £500m sustainability-linked revolving credit facility as part of their plans to reach net zero targets.

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January’s featured topic: Biodiversity 

Development and the increased modernisation of our lives have caused an alarming decrease in biodiversity worldwide. Halting biodiversity loss is a huge challenge, particularly in the light of climate change, which will accelerate much of the decline.

Sustainable development should take an approach that contributes to and promotes biodiversity. Find out what to look out for on site and how to protect biodiversity with these selected resources:

Reducing Biodiversity Loss

An engaging introduction to biodiversity, what it means and why we need to preserve and enhance it.

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Human Impacts on Biodiversity

A short video which introduces some of the key impacts humans have on biodiversity.

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Guidance For Pollution Prevention

Guidance from Natural Resources Wales (NRW), the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) on how to prevent pollution and protect the environment.

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Updates on the Future Homes Hub:

The Future Homes Hub has recently been established to support the implementation of the Future Homes Delivery Plan which aims to meet climate and environmental targets while building high quality homes for future generations. Take a look at the latest updates and ways to get involved below:

  1. Call for evidence on Building Performance Evaluation: The Hub is starting work on Building Performance Evaluation from February, [given Government signalling that it is looking for solutions] so are seeking input and expertise to help. Please see the call for evidence here: https://www.futurehomes.org.uk/have-your-say.
  2. Call for evidence on Embodied Carbon: Government is likely to develop its thinking in 2022 on the pathway for reducing embodied carbon in construction. The Hub is therefore prioritising work to develop an industry led approach to tackling embodied carbon that is coherent and consistent with the Future Homes Standard and operational context of building new homes. Please see the call for evidence here: https://www.futurehomes.org.uk/have-your-say.
  3. Consultation on ESG sustainability metrics for the new homes sector. The Future Homes Hub is leading work in partnership with NextGeneration and the Green Finance Institute, Loan Market Association and Homes England to establish a common set of ESG metrics. This is to help simplify metrics and benchmarks so that the financial community use common metrics aligned to the Future Homes Delivery Plan and the longer-term regulatory direction. Please see the consultation which asks for views on the suggested approach and initial ideas for common metrics here: https://www.futurehomes.org.uk/have-your-say.
  4. Recruiting ‘head of’ positions in the Hub. The Hub is recruiting for four ‘head of’ positions to work with leading experts across the sector to develop effective and efficient solutions. The positions are: head of technical and innovation, head of place and nature, head of sustainability and performance, head of communications, customers and engagement. Find out more here: https://www.futurehomes.org.uk/join-our-team.