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Homes Market Update: November 2021

Energy and Carbon, Homes

Published 20th Oct 21 - by sophiecoyle

Top stories

Households offered £5,000 grants to swap boilers for heat pumps

Grants of £5,000 will be available to households to replace their gas boiler with a low carbon heat pump as part of efforts to cut emissions from homes.

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UK Government unveils its long-awaited plans for transitioning heat and buildings to net-zero

The Heat and Buildings Strategy outlines the Government’s approach for decarbonising the sector, featuring headline commitments to bring the upfront and operational cost of heat pumps for homes to price parity with gas boilers by 2030. This will lay the foundations for all new domestic home heating systems installed from 2035 to be fossil-fuel-free.


NHBC Foundation launches key advice on Electric Vehicles

The NHBC Foundation has launched a new report advising housebuilders on what they should consider on all new schemes to accommodate electric vehicles (EV’s) as the UK aims for net zero greenhouse gas emissions. 

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November’s Featured Topic: Climate Change & Carbon

Climate change is the biggest issue of our times and the built environment, including the housebuilding sector, is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions. Reduction in carbon emissions have to occur if we are to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

We have a wealth of resources to help you gain a better understanding of Climate Change and Carbon – take a look:

Introduction to Climate Change and Carbon Footprinting Learning Pathway

This self-enrol learning pathway will provide you with not only the understanding of climate change, carbon emissions and how to identify were they occur, but also the skills to make reduction plans to tackle them and report on your progress to your stakeholders – clients, regulators and colleagues.

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Decarbonising Construction: Building A New Net Zero Industry

This report from the National Engineering Policy Centre and the Royal Academy of Engineering focuses on four interconnected missions that cut across the whole of the construction sector that require urgent attention to achieve net zero.

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Climate Policy Tracker For Business

This tracker from the We Mean Business coalition provides businesses with up-to-date information on climate regulation; enabling you to build a comprehensive picture of the policies that are directly impacting your operations and value chains.

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Get ready for COP26 with our Training Pack

To prepare our industry to take action in the year of COP26, we are pleased to provide our Members with a COP26 Training Pack, giving you direct links to free resources and training sessions designed to help your organisation and supply chain gain a better understanding of climate change and carbon.