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Ensuring the long-term survival of our historic buildings

Building your heritage construction skills.

Historic buildings across the UK are an important part of our economy, they are tourism attractions, commercial venues as well as homes and public buildings. More than this, historic buildings create great places to live and enrich people’s lives with a link to our country’s past.

There is a shortage of heritage construction skills in the UK and this poses a serious risk to the long-term survival of our historic buildings. Work in heritage construction is varied, interesting and rewarding. The five modules in this series will help you find out more about the heritage sector and if it could be the next step in your career with this series of short modules.

The content of the five modules is shown below. Key terms introduced will be defined in a short glossary within each module. The glossary will be in full when you have completed all five modules.

Heritage Construction Skills Training

This training is about the fundamentals of historic building maintenance and repair. It provides an introduction to the subject for anyone who would like to work in this interesting part of the construction industry. Start with the introductory module and with a glossary of key terminology which is explained as you progress through the five modules and learn about heritage construction.

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