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Tackle Modern Slavery with our new Training Pack

Human Rights Training, Modern Slavery, People, Training and Capacity Building

Published 31st Aug 22 - by Gemma Laws

The built environment is considered at high risk for modern slavery and wider exploitation due to the enormous demand for labour, a severe skills shortage, complex supply chains and the prevalence of indirect and self-employment.

Construction is one of the most at-risk sectors, with 18% of global forced labour victims working in the industry.

With an estimated 40.3 million victims worldwide, it’s important to look at the modern slavery risks within your own organisation and supply chain.

To support our industry in taking action against modern slavery, we are pleased to provide our Members with a Modern Slavery Training Pack. This training pack provides direct links to free resources and training sessions designed to help your organisation and supply chain gain a better understanding of modern slavery and how to tackle it.

This simple pack will guide you through relevant virtual training sessions, e-learning modules and learning resources. Download below or share with your colleagues and supply chain.

Download now >