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New People Matter Charter Maturity Guidance

People, People Matter Charter

Published 17th Feb 23 - by sophiecoyle

The Supply Chain Sustainability School have launched new maturity guidance to support you to sign up to the People Matter Charter.

This guidance will help you:

  • Evaluate your organisation’s maturity against the eight commitments in the People Matter Charter
  • Understand what best practice looks like for each of these eight commitments
  • Develop and progress your workforce strategy
  • Complete the confidential People assessment in the School as accurately as possible.

Completion of the People assessment is a required step for organisations who wish to become a signatory of the People Matter Charter.

Think of this guidance as a sense checking tool to help you understand which of the five levels of the People assessment best reflect your progress to date, against each of the eight commitments. This guidance includes examples of the types of evidence that would support your claim to be at, for example, ‘advanced working practice’ level for a specific commitment. This is to help you check that your response is accurate and realistic. This guidance is not designed to be used for audits.

Access the guidance >