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Offsite Market Update: March 2022

Offsite Training

Published 25th Feb 22 - by naomi

Is Offsite a barrier or an opportunity for Offsite construction?

We’re looking for organisations with experience understanding and/or measuring Social Value outcomes for Offsite projects to help form a briefing paper on the this question. The project will be a main focus for FY22/23 and is being led by the School, Akerlof, the University of Salford and other partners.

We will be hosting a scoping workshop during the Offsite Leadership Group meeting, on 9th March, 10-12 to kick the project off. We’re opening this out to all Partners and interested organisations, so f you’re not a member of the Offsite Group but have experience to contribute, please get in touch and we will send you more info.

This project will produce a 10-page practical guide to…

  • Discuss challenges and opportunities for key Social Value (SV) themes that arise through Offsite construction
  • Help organisations understand the SV implications of their operations and supply chain
  • Provide case studies to illustrate how to integrate SV and overcome challenges
  • Introduce some of the measurement tools available
  • Include multiple sectors beyond housing and into infrastructure, hospitals and schools, and so on

We’ll be using the scoping workshop to cement the aims and key questions to answer in the report, as well as identify key projects in this space to follow up for case studies.

For some inspiration check out this article on a recent modular project in Wales providing energy efficient and affordable homes.

Upcoming training sessions

  • Offsite for Site Managers – Workshop, Wednesday, 16 March, 1 – 4PM. Register now
  • DfMA in Practice: Thinking Beyond Categories 1 & 2, Wednesday, 30th March, 1 – 2 PM. Register now
  • Offsite Fundamentals – Workshop, Tuesday, 5 April, 9-12 AM. Register now

New and recommended resources this month

If you don’t measure, you can’t manage

Complete our free self assessment to get your bespoke action plan today. The list of resources will advise you where you should focus your learning with direct links to top-quality materials.

You can also benchmark your company’s offsite maturity here.