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Partner Corner – May 2021

Published 28th Apr 21 - by Becky Bryant

Partner Corner (May 2021) – Advanté Ltd

Primary Service / Product

Oasis® Welfare Units
Advanté pioneered instant start welfare with their first Oasis unit in 1998. The launch of Oasis Welfare provided construction sites with access to welfare facilities before any service connections were available. This prevented delays starting work on site and complied with new H&S Regulations.

Oasis Welfare inspired a whole new industry for self-contained welfare units, while remaining at the forefront of the instant start welfare market, through close client collaboration and innovation.

23 years on, Oasis welfare units provide much more than just welfare. Improvements driven by the needs of Clients has led to the expansion of the Oasis Welfare range to include different layouts, sizes, facilities, and technology.

The Oasis Welfare range focuses on creating positive environments for people working in construction, as well as reducing sites’ carbon footprint and community impact.

Sustainability Credentials

The evolution of Oasis Welfare has been driven by our Clients’ ESG sustainability aims and the Government’s net zero carbon targets. The EcoLogic, EcoMax and (new) EcoLogic SOLAR welfare ranges are all designed with staff wellbeing, environment, community, and economic impact in mind.

Staff wellbeing:
  • Suitable welfare facilities
  • Pleasant environment enhances wellbeing
Low environmental impact:
  • Hybrid Technology limits generator use and CO2 emissions
  • Telemetry monitors and improves performance
  • Renewable energy gained from solar
  • LPG = greener fuel alternative to Diesel
Low community Impact:
  • Low noise = happy staff and neighbours
  • Promotes positive image of construction
  • Quality facilities attract diverse workforce
Low economic impact:
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced welfare running costs
  • More staff catered for with one unit

How Do You Use the School as a Partner?

Our first involvement with the School was engaging with the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) programme, to promote and develop FIR culture and staff engagement within our business. The vast resources made available by the School have helped fast track our learning.

We joined the School as a Partner in March 2019, to support our wider sustainability aims and work collaboratively with a cross section of industry professionals. We gain a valuable insight into Clients’ changing requirements, enabling us to respond with effective, sustainable solutions at the earliest opportunity.

Advanté organised a Supplier Engagement event to demonstrate our commitments to maintaining a sustainable supply chain, in the procurement of products and services, and in the delivery of our service to our clients.

We worked with Partners of the School to develop a policy to treat people responsibly, which resulted in the launch of the People Matter Charter. Since signing up to the commitments of the Charter, we encourage others to do the same, so that we can work together to address people issues, such as equality, diversity and staff retention, in the workplace.

What is the biggest sustainability issue facing the industry?

The Construction Industry’s (and therefore our) biggest challenges are the current and widening skills shortage and achieving the UK Government’s net zero carbon targets.

We aim to promote a positive image of construction by delivering high quality welfare units. We recognise that excellent site welfare and office facilities are required, to retain staff and attract a more diverse workforce into the industry.

In our mission to decarbonise instant start welfare for construction sites, we created our next generation of innovative, market-leading Oasis Welfare units – EcoLogic SOLAR.

EcoLogic SOLAR welfare units proven successful in creating an effective, near carbon-free solution to powering self-contained welfare units. Their advanced telematics have shown impressive levels of solar energy gain, even during some of the darkest winter months. Some of EcoLogic SOLAR’s benefits include:

  • NEW hybrid EcoLogic SOLAR power system
  • Large solar array = increased carbon-free power supply
  • Silent-running welfare when powered by solar or stored energy
  • Next-generation telemetry improves unit performance
  • Impressive reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduced welfare running costs
  • Contributing solution to ESG challenges and reporting

One message for School members?

Speaking from an SME perspective, it can be a daunting task to keep up to date with all developments and focus within the industry, as well as the resulting need for upskilling and training your staff to stay abreast. Engaging with the Supply Chain Sustainability School makes this much easier. The wealth of information and training resource available is easily accessible at any time of day, to suit individual members of your team, and to fast track your company’s staff learning.