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GRS Group


Britain’s leading trader and transporter of construction products and waste materials.

GRS provide end-to-end transport solutions, sourcing the most suitable materials and making efficient use of road, rail, river and sea freight to deliver them as sustainably as possible.

They are also a leading provider of waste removal services, offering complete solutions for recycling and reuse of unwanted materials.

Sustainability and Supply Chain

GRS aims to create value solutions in collaboration with its supply-chain partners, in order to make its commitment to realise a sustainable society come true.

Sustainability Statement

Why a Partner?

At GRS, we aim to be at the forefront of our industry, continuously looking for means to improve the sustainability of our products and services. Through the SCSS we look forward to collaborating with clients and suppliers alike to improve and innovate next generation methods of construction that have a positive impact on our environment.

Case Study: Low carbon footprint, secondary aggregate

In Summer 2021, GRS commissioned environmental consultants Metis, to look at the carbon footprint of our Cornish aggregate material in comparison to other primary aggregate that are imported to the SE of England. The result is very impressive with a carbon reduction of over 75% when compared to publicly available figures for a generic primary material.

The study looks at the material at quarry level, on the basis that almost all crushed rock then has to travel into the South East market by sea or rail. When talking about these figures, we can further enhance the sustainability message by mentioning that the processing plant is run off wind derived electricity and uses water from our own borehole.

Full Results