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HS2 Supply Chain School

Sustainability skills to support the HS2 Supply Chain.


Your HS2 Learning Journey

Together with its major Main Works Civils and Station Contractors, HS2 has created a programme to improve sustainability skills and performance of the wider supply chain contributing to the UK’s largest infrastructure project.

The HS2 Supply Chain School initiative uses a collaborative approach to learning and competence linked to HS2 strategic objectives. It also rationalises the approaches used to manage and monitor complex supply chain sustainability performance.

“A really valuable resource to help develop our wider supply chain. The Supply Chain Sustainability School really does deliver and bringing HS2 and their capability together is inspired.”

Andrew Cubitt, Procurement & Supply Chain Director, HS2

Our Partners supporting this Initiative

The programme is supported by six HS2 Joint Venture contractors – all of whom are Partners of the Supply Chain School.

Main Works Civil Contractors:


Station Contractors:



About the HS2 Supply Chain School

Key elements of the programme are:

  1. Dedicated HS2 Learning Pathways
  2. Resources and content based on HS2 sustainability requirements
  3. Training needs assessments across 8 main topics, producing bespoke action plans to build individual and corporate level knowledge and capability
  4. Interactive skills workshops with content agreed by HS2 and featuring subject matter experts from their Main Works and Station JVs

HS2 Supply Chain School Launch Event: March 2023

Please also download the slide deck from this launch event here.

HS2 Supply Chain School: Launch Event

HS2 Webinar Recordings

Please see listed below the recordings from previous HS2 Skills Workshops which you are welcome to watch in your own time:

Welcome to the HS2 Supply Chain School 2023

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is working closely with HS2, its Main Works Civil Contractors and Station Contractors to offer a strategic learning and development programme for the current and future HS2 supply chain.

Getting to Grips with NEC3

The 90 -minute session covers how NEC3 provides robust and effective commercial management, and manages project risk. Please note: This session is aimed specifically at current and prospective suppliers to the HS2 project.

Sharing Best Practice on Carbon Reduction

This session shares high level strategies and operational priorities of HS2 and their major supplier partners, as well as specific tactics and actions that companies in the supply chain are using to contribute to this agenda. HS2 has a deep commitment to decarbonising the construction of new stations and the major works being carried out along Phase 1. This webinar covers the key elements of this, and looks at how collaboration across the value chain is achieving maximum results.

Understanding Net Zero Carbon and Science Based Targets

This session explores the concept of 'net zero carbon' and investigate ways in which your organisation can achieve zero carbon emissions. During this workshop we also look at Science Based Targets (SBT's) and explain how your company can begin using this approach.

Spotlight on Health and Safety

This session makes the link between a safe, healthy workplace to both productivity and company performance. The presentation also includes some practical actions that your company can implement to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of its workforce.

Spotlight on Driving Improved Environmental and Social Impacts

This session will cover how to generate and maximise social and environmental value within your company and for its stakeholders. It will also give you a range of tools / frameworks to help measure and report on social and environmental impacts and outcomes. We will be showcasing practical examples and case studies from major contractors and their supply chains.

Spotlight on Innovation

Attending this session will give you a greater understanding of the basics of creating a digital strategy, ‘dynamic capabilities’ and using data to drive better business outcomes.

Community Relationship Building

Discover how HS2 JV contractors, BBVS and EKFB, are tackling disruption and prioritising community relations on their construction sites. This webinar will equip you with the tools you need to address these issues within your own organisation and supply chain.

Decarbonising Transport Together: PAS 2080

Hear from industry experts in this 1-hour webinar as they discuss where they currently are on their PAS 2080 journey, as well as the challenges and opportunities of using the standard.

Route to Net Zero

This 1-hour webinar is led by HS2 as they outline their key objectives in reaching their net zero targets and the importance of supplier engagement within HS2.

Attend HS2 Skills Workshops

The HS2 Supply Chain School is providing targeted training via a series of interactive online workshops, which support the content available through the School’s platform.

Our programme of workshops covers a full range of sustainability issues – for example Carbon, Waste, FIR (Fairness, Inclusion, Respect), Social Value, Wellbeing, Digital, Modern Slavery, Offsite and Lean Construction.

These online events are held via Microsoft Teams and are all free to attend. Full details are available here. 

Links to free online upcoming events are available below:

Developing a Sustainability Strategy (HS2 Supply Chain School) - webinar

Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. A 1-hour webinar to help businesses develop a sustainability strategy.

Embedding Carbon Reduction into Sustainable Procurement (HS2 Supply Chain School) - webinar

Wednesday 8 May 2024, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM. A 1-hour webinar to help businesses embed carbon reduction into sustainable procurement.

Understanding Social Value (HS2 Supply Chain School) - webinar

Thursday, 16 May 2024, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM. A 1-hour webinar to help businesses understand what social value is, why it is important and how it can be generated.

Responsible Sourcing of Materials - An Overview (HS2 Supply Chain School) - workshop

Wednesday, 5 June 2024, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM. A 3-hour workshop to understand what responsible sourcing is, why it is important and to get an overview of related guidance and standards that are used for responsible sourcing.

Cyber Security (HS2 Supply Chain School) - webinar

Tuesday, 10 June 2024, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM. A 1-hour webinar to discuss the fundamentals of cyber security.

HS2: BIM Upskilling Platform

The HS2 BIM Upskilling Platform, hosted by the Supply Chain School, raises knowledge across industry and ensures a consistent message is delivered to HS2 Ltd.’s extensive supply chain and delivery partners, by providing a wide range of free to access e-learning courses and resources on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering.

This platform is an accessible source of upskilling materials on Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering with specific focus on the Rail industry. It aims to provide engaging and innovative learning experience for all users, including self-service learning and assessment, HS2 specific e-learning, videos; links to industry standards and best -practice guidance documents.

Click to access the HS2 BIM Upskilling Platform here.

HS2: Anti Idling

In this video you will find out about why idling is an issue for construction sites, and what HS2 have done to reduce vehicle idling.

Read the accompanying slides using the button below. They have been developed for use as part of an anti idling toolbox talk. Please use them to generate group discussion about the key points of the video and develop your own initiatives to reduce idling.

Slide deck

HS2 Anti Idling Video

Benchmark your Knowledge

Take our individual or corporate level assessments across eight key topics, and receive your bespoke action plans to build personal and organisational knowledge and capability. Access these assessments from your individual or corporate dashboards. (NB – corporate dashboards require admin level access).

Sustainability Assessment
Sustainability addresses the social, environmental and economic challenges we face in today’s ever-changing world. Benchmark your sustainability knowledge against the industry now.
Assess now
Digital Assessment
Use the digital maturity matrix assessment to benchmark your organisation's knowledge against the industry and help to develop and understand your digital strategy.
Assess now
Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Growth Assessment
The FIR Growth Assessment offers employers a structured way to develop and embed fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) in their company. Please note that you will need to be an admin on your corporate account to complete the assessment.
Assess now
Lean Assessment
The lean capability assessment helps you understand Lean Construction processes and techniques and provides a ten-point learning plan.
Assess now
Management Assessment
Take the management assessment and help develop your leadership and management skills and drive sustainable change.
Assess now
Offsite Assessment
The School's offsite training needs assessment helps you better understand your skills, and provides a tailored learning plan to help you improve and make your construction projects leaner, greener and more efficient.
Assess now
People Assessment
Benchmark your organisation's performance against 8 key people issues, helping you understand and develop your workforce strategy.
Assess now
Procurement Assessment
Take the Procurement assessment to help improve your procurement and commercial skills at all levels to deliver greater value to your projects.
Assess now

HS2 Learning Pathways

When you complete any Learning Pathway, you will also receive an HS2 branded badge within your personal School dashboard.


Welcome to the HS2 Supply Chain School (Organisational Level) Pathway

Designed for organisations to access an overview of available resources and where to find them.

HS2 Ready to Supply (Organisational Level) Pathway

Designed for organisations who are interested in working within the HS2 Project supply chain.

HS2 Individual Learning: Foundation series

These individual learning pathways provide foundation (introductory) level understanding and knowledge across the following HS2 supply chain development priorities:

HS2 Individual Learning: Application Pathway

Providing application (intermediate) level skills across HS2 supply chain development priorities. Access the learning pathways below:

HS2 Individual Learning: Extended Knowledge Pathway

Building extended knowledge across HS2 supply chain development priorities. Access the learning pathways below:

Supporting our Supply Chain

HS2 provides a variety of resources and information to support the supply chain and promote sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability Vision
HS2 is both a catalyst for growth and the most sustainable railway of its type in the world. Our Environmental Sustainability Vision explains how we will achieve this.
Click here
Zero Carbon Plan
HS2's Net Zero Carbon Plan explains the work we have undertaken to date and our progress towards ‘destination net zero’ in 2035.
Click here
Supporting Local Business
The Local Business Toolkit is a short series of videos showcasing our support for local businesses and how we are engaging local communities.
Click here
HS2 Supplier Guide
This guide has been developed to help suppliers find out more about the High Speed Two project. It highlights what is important to HS2 and what will be required from the broader supply chain.
Click here
CompeteFor HS2 Portal
Our CompeteFor Portal lists all HS2 opportunities, gives information on how to submit a tender, and gives information on companies who have been awarded HS2 contracts.
Click here
Policies and Procedures
HS2’s policies including: Fraud, Bribery & Corruption, Business Continuity, Environment, EDI, Health & Safety, Information & Cyber Security, Learning Legacy, Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking, Open data, Quality, Risk Management, Sustainability.
Click here
“At HS2 we recognise we are raising the bar on sustainability standards and expect our supply chain to step up. We also acknowledge that if we ask our supply chain to do something exceptional we must support them. Our Partnership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School is one of the ways we do this.”
Mark Thurston, Chief Executive Officer, HS2 Ltd.